Jun, 2024 Two papers were accepted at RSS 2024 Workshops: Frontiers of Optimization for Robotics and Learning for Assistive Robotics.
May, 2024 TinyMPC won the Best Paper Award in Automation at IEEE ICRA 2024.
Apr, 2024 TinyMPC was selected as a finalist for 03 IEEE ICRA Paper Awards.
Mar, 2024 TinyMPC with new capabilities was submitted to CDC 2024.
Mar, 2024 I received the Best Poster Award at the MS Research Symposium with the TinyMPC poster.
Jan, 2024 TinyMPC was accepted to ICRA 2024.
Oct, 2023 My undergraduate research on formation control and RL was accepted to IJRNC.
Jul, 2023 I participated in the ETH Robotics Summer School. 🤖
Jul, 2023 I started my ETH Robotics Student Fellowship at RSL. 🦿
May, 2023 My team advanced to the semi-finals of the F1TENTH competition. 🏁
Sep, 2022 I joined Zac Manchester in the Robotic Exploration (REx) Lab. :rocket:
Aug, 2022 I started my graduate study at Carnegie Mellon University. :sparkles: